How E-Prescribing Software Helps Pharmacy Management

Pharma companies are facing a lot of challenges while managing their supply chain. The whole process from manufacturing to logistics and distribution becomes a serious issue. Also, today’s customers are demanding drugs on their customized budgets. Fulfilling this kind of customer interest adds up delay in distribution and technical understanding is a must to change medication to suit the customer flexible pay limit. E-Prescribing Software works as a tool to suggest alternative medicines based on physician click.

Software providers are using advanced technologies to manage from product design to service management and focuses to make E-Prescribing Software, an overall best application to improve customer satisfaction. The software assists both pharmacists and physicians in managing the medicines effectively.

“On average, countries spend 25% of total health expenditure on medicines and 70% are wasted without proper management”

Factors contributing to medicine wastage are diverse - death, switching medicine frequently, treatment discontinuation, no side effects alert system, and poor patient compliance. The E-Prescribing Software can access all the local pharmacies that have authenticated licenses for medicine distribution. Hence, when a particular medicine is required it can be tracked in few seconds and can be availed directly in a click.

E-Prescribing Software

It gives a transparent view of warehouse operations inside a hospital and in-house pharmacy stock details are known in advance. So doctors can place hospital orders regularly without wasting on excess products.   

All the prescription records are collected in the cloud and EMR/EHR integration can give customer-centric valuable insights. This can open new paths to attract customers.  Furthermore, with data analytics, the physicians can analyze their prescribing pattern and what medicines they have over-prescribed, and how patients are current and no. of follow-up appointments are made to check health condition levels. Hospital management can generate the annual turnover and custom reports from the available data.

Patients can pay their bills through digital wallets or other banking gateways, at the time of order placement itself. It becomes easy to just collect medicines directly from a pharmacy with a cashless transaction. The doctors can check a pharmacy’s regulatory standard compliance to know whether they distribute safe and unexpired drugs.


In public health facilities, medicine wastage is an ever-increasing problem. It is aggravated due to the absence of the right tool to minimize wastage. E-PrescribingSoftware became a savior- mechanism for health facilities to exchange medicines from overstock to understock. It improves the store management capabilities by order management, stock details, and allows the hospital staff to monitor and evaluate the medicine expiry date.



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