Using E-Prescribing Software in the Right Way


You usually grab a paper to prescribe medication, hand that paper, and instruct the patient to buy them at the pharmacy. It was all common, till 2009, now the time has changed and technology too. Physicians are now using E-Prescribing Software to record things digitally. The whole process of transmitting prescription and medication orders to pharmacies is simplified in a few clicks.  

Common non-adherence scenarios are taking a lower dose, not completing the entire course, and misunderstanding the instructions which are prescribed. First-fill medication adherence is the immune it got to give the healthcare facilities to enjoy. Also, it makes hospitals follow medication adherence with EHR monitoring.

If you still practice the pen-and-paper approach then, you’re missing out on more benefits. Cloud-based software can be valuable to your private practice. A paper-based system gives you the chances of errors - allergies, drug interactions, and pregnancy issues while taking a particular medication.

Using E-Prescribing Software in the Right Way

E-Prescribing Software gives you instant notification of the above possible errors. The patient’s entire medical history is brought with a click of a button. It enhances the decision support for selecting the right medicine products, dosing, and frequency, finding substitute medicine for allergic symptoms, etc.

Not only it helps a physician to manage medications but also benefits the pharmacists to have authorized confirmation in distributing medicines. Computerized order entries by a physician have huge impacts on medication errors because it manages the clinical risk and provides operational efficiency. It even provides direct communication between the pharmacy and doctor’s desk to avoid confusion and adverse drug events are avoided.

The reports generated by E-Prescribing Software encloses - accurate detailing, associated records, and treatment direction.  A patient gets all documents in the patient portal and makes it easy to track, unlike lost or damaged records. Physicians give the power to counsel patients if they need any medication management.

Doctors’ work is to make a patient feel at ease right? That’s again possible through E-Prescribing Software as it reads patient insurance coverage limits and suggests treatment and medication that are covered by the induvial insurance. 

The hidden cost of denials is a lot more than dollars and cents. Revenue flow, through claiming, is essential for your medical practice; E-Prescribing Software makes it colorful. It works along with hospital workflows and takes care of resubmitting the claims with the right documents and makes the staff worked from these bloated workloads. This call can be termed as “task switching cost” and psychologically motivates the employees.

Instead of just using E-Prescribing Software for prescription and tracking, use it in the right ways – as listed above – to support the entire hospital ecosystem to get benefitted.


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